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Customized co-branding solutions are becoming more popular as companies move away from traditional marketing campaigns. These solutions allow brands to collaborate with influencers who have similar audiences to their own. Because of the personal nature of these relationships, the effectiveness is often much higher than with typical advertising campaigns.

How to Implement's

Step 1 – Onboarding

  • Users onboarding
  • You can create one single list with all users or you can have region wise list as well, for example
    • North MFDs
    • South MFDs, etc.
  • Through Excel
    • Name, email, mobile, ARN no, etc.
    • Photo and logo – Through Link

Step 2 – Finalizing the design

  • Designs for onbranding to be finalized for each types of creative
    • Place of branding
    • Font type of branding
    • Font size of branding

Step 3 – Uploading creative

  • Creative's can be uploaded through Admin portal
  • Uploaded creative can be changed and modified with new file as well

Step 4 – Running campaign

  • Select the creative
  • Select the list for which you want to co-brand
  • You shall get the unique link for each campaign
  • You can distribute this link to MFDs
  • MFDs can download the content with the help of ARN number

Step 5 – Branding Reports

  • Image download report
  • Drag & Drop Images download report
  • Video Download report
  • GIF download report
  • PDF download report
  • Camping wise report